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 Learners may be eligible to get ITA Funding through Skills Development Scotland for courses delivered by Hawkhill Training Services.
To find out more about ITA Funding, and whether you meet the eligibility criteria, you can view our ITA Funding help pages here.

The next course date availability for our most popular course choices are:

March 2024

EFAW: 18/03/2024
SIA Training: 21/03/2024 – 26/03/2024 (6-days) 

April 2024


May 2024

EFAW: 06/05/2024
SIA Training: 07/05/2024 – 12/05/2024 (6-days)

February 2024

EFAW: 19/02/2024
SIA Training: 20/02/2024 – 21/02/2024

March 2024

EFAW: 18/03/2024
SIA Training: 25/03/2024 & 26/03/2024

May 2024

EFAW: 06/05/2024
SIA Training: 11/05/2024 & 12/05/2024

We do not hold courses for the SIA Security Guarding Top Up.   Learning for this course is completed by means of self-study. 

Learners looking to complete the SIA Security Guarding Top Up should contact us to enrol, where they will be provided materials and instructions to complete self-study.

Once the required self-study is completed, learners are then booked in for assessment where they will attend out Centre to undertake the required MCQ Examinations.

Our next Assessment Date is:   22/02/2024
EFAW Training Date: 19/02/2024

Learners are reminded when attending SIA Licence Linked Training and/or Assessment to bring with them their ID Documents (1 Group A & 2 Group B), completed self-study workbook and a passport photograph.  Self-Study Elements such as ACT Certificates, English Functionality must either be send to us by email prior to attending training, or brought with on the day alongside the other requirements.