An innovative online training course for Scottish Personal Licence Holders that can be taken anytime, anywhere.

Anyone involved in the sale of alcohol in both on-sales and off-sales environments must complete the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH) at SCQF level 6 to apply for a licence. Highfield’s Scottish Personal Licence Holders e-learning can be used to cover the knowledge element of the SCPLH or SCPLH(R) qualification.

The Course

Highfield’s Scottish Personal Licence Holders e-learning course is designed for learners looking for an awareness of personal licensing, or who wish to go on to achieve the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCQF) qualification. Achieving the qualification enables the learner to apply for a personal licence to sell alcohol whether they work in on-sales or off-sales environments. 

Q: Is this suitable for me if I wish to apply for my personal licence?

A: Yes, but you will need a qualification as well.  Contact us directly as an approved training provider who can support you in achieving the qualification in full.

Areas covered

  • Licensing law
  • Personal licences
  • Premises licences
  • The protection of children
  • Powers and enforcement
  • Temporary events
  • Responsible alcohol retailing

Who is it aimed at?

Ideal for anyone who is looking to apply for a personal licence in Scotland or that requires refresher training.
Learners must be 18+


No prior knowledge needed

Typical Duration

4 – 5 hours

How It Works

Our e-learning is available to use on multiple platforms such as tablets, PCs and laptops. All you need is an internet connection. Learners simply log on to the Highfield Learner Management System (LMS) and work their way through the course, along with the scenarios that provide them with real-life context.

Learners are assessed at the end of the course by multiple-choice questions.


Learners will receive a Highfield e-learning completion certificate, which is downloadable upon successfully finishing the course.

What is the cost?

This E-Learning Theory Course is priced at £50.00 per learner.

This E-Learning Course is considered as an acceptable form of self-learning for an SCPLH or SCPLHR Qualification prior to undertaking the required examination.

How do I obtain my Full SCPLH or SCPLHR Qualification?

If you want to obtain your SCPLH or SCPLHR Qualification in full to allow you to apply for a Personal Licence, you will need to either:

  1.  complete the E-Learning SCPLH course, provide your certificate to us and undertake an SCPLH/SCPLHR Examination
  2. Attend a scheduled SCPLH/SCPLHR Course (7-hours) face-to-face and sit the required exam.

Examination Fees
Examination Fee – £110.00 per learner.
These fees are in addition to the E-Learning Cost for learners wishing to obtain the required qualification to apply for a Personal Licence with their Local Authority.
You will be required to provide a copy of your E-Learning Certificate for Verification that you have completed the E-Learning in full.

How to enrol

To enrol, please contact us directly to book your place.

Contact us through out website: here
Phone: 07858 415722

We will require some information from you as part to of our booking on process (first name, surname, email address).
You may be required to submit photographic ID to us for eligibility purposes (example: proof of age for specific courses).