This course is designed to help you and your business understand how to prevent and control infection and why it is important to do so.

Protect your staff, your company and your community
Learn how infections occur, the factors that can make a person more vulnerable to infection and the steps you can take to prevent infections from occurring.

Combat pathogenic microorganisms
Understand what pathogenic microorganisms are and how you can manage them

Protect the vulnerable
Know how to keep the vulnerable safe from infection and learn necessary actions

Reduce the risk of infection
Effectively evaluate the infection risks and implement prevention actions

Address personal hygiene
Personal hygiene has a huge impact on infection control. Learn the best practices

Use PPE effectively
Discover the different types of PPE and how to use them effectively

Safely handle waste
Handling waste appropriately can reduce the risk of infection, learn how

The perfect course for anyone working within an environment where there is a risk of infection

Highfield endorsed with instant access to a PDF certificate

Self paced
Learn at your own pace anytime using our online platform

20-40 minutes average
Get up to speed in under an hour – no prior knowledge needed

Available on a wide range of devices, including audio, video and transcripts

What is the cost?

This E-Learning Course is priced at £15.00 per learner.

How to enrol

To enrol, please contact us directly to book your place.

Contact us through out website: here
Phone: 07858 415722

We will require some information from you as part to of our booking on process (first name, surname, email address).
You may be required to submit photographic ID to us for eligibility purposes (example: proof of age for specific courses).